Tenets of Terror

Tenets of Terror

The tenets listed below describe how this game is different than other adventure paths in Pathfinder.  I intend to add these elements to the published adventure to help enrich the story experience.  

Lower-than-average magic

This society is less tolerant of spellcasters in their midst and spellcasters often find that leaving town is preferable to being run out of town.  Spellcasting is more feared (and respected) than in a normal campaign.

Magic items are less common and therefore more difficult to find for sale.  The local magic item store either does not exist or is less well-stocked than in other areas of the world.  The cost and resale value of magic items is unchanged.  Of course PC's will find magic items in their adventures and I will try to make magic items unique, interesting, and worth investigating.

Good and Evil

There is a curse on this land.  Due to the curse, it is harder to detect good and evil using spells.  The cursed land tends to interfere with the sensitivity of these spells.  A paladin's ability to detect evil will be similarly limited.  All creatures have an alignment and spells/powers that depend on alignment still work as written.  Creatures will not all have the same alignment as specified in the Bestiary.

In this campaign good and evil are not merely abstract ideas.  Good and evil (positive and negative) seem to be living forces, locked in eternal conflict. 

One of my goals is to present the characters with ethical decisions and dilemmas.  Your character's alignment may end up being more fluid than normal in this game.  The curse of the land amplifies the consequences of moral choices.  You may choose whatever alignment you want for your character and your alignment will not generally be objectively known by the other characters.  However, while good and evil might resist direct detection, the effects of good and evil on your character can have real in-game effects.  Decent into evil is convenient and easy.  Redemption is possible but difficult.

If you want to start with your character as "innocent" then you may, just ask me for the details if you are thinking about it.  Most people loose their "innocence" long before they become an adult.  An "innocent" character must start with a good alignment.  Once you lose your "innocence" you can never get it back.


Is necromantic magic inherently evil?  Many say yes, but it is hard to say.  What is indisputable is that necromantic power draws upon negative energy and always stimulates and focuses the curse of the land.  There are consequences for channeling negative energy in this land.  You can choose to be a necromancer if you like living on the edge, but don't say I didn't warn you.  I have nothing against necromancy, but this land is cursed and casting a necromantic spell is like pouring gas on a fire.  Undead in this land tend to be easier to create, more powerful, and harder to control.

Fear, Horror, Madness, Curses

Yep, it's going to happen.


This adventure path is not an exercise in futility.  You can succeed.  Through your actions you can create lasting change in this land if that is your goal.  It is not my job as the GM to crush all hope.  My goal is to depict a land that is beautiful and a people that are worth fighting for.  It will require dedication and perseverance on the part of the characters and there might be a few setbacks along the way.  Some will not survive and none will escape unscathed.

I'm looking forward to the challenge.

Tenets of Terror

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